What do you do?
Stessa Services, LLC, provides guidance and suggests
methods to organize and create a Critical Information Inventory for use by
family members, business associates, caregivers, legal and financial
advisors, and executors.  We all know that we need this inventory, but we
typically procrastinate creating it, or attempt to do so in a crisis or when it is
too late.
The PERSONAL Critical Information Inventory contains
Biographical (includes medical) & Key Contact Information, Assets &
Liabilities, Retirement Plans, Insurance Policies, Estate & Healthcare
Documents, Funeral instructions, and other crucial information.
BUSINESS Critical Information Inventory
contains Business Organization &
Key Contact Information, Assets & Liabilities, Employee Programs,
Insurance Policies, Sales, Marketing, and Operations Programs, Business
Disposition thoughts and other crucial information.

I/we are in good health, why do we need to do this? We all know of
situations where a friend, family member, or business associate, has
suddenly become incapacitated (or worse) due to a sudden illness or
accident, and know that we are not immune to such eventualities. Some of
us have also unexpectedly been thrust into the role of looking after the affairs
of a family member, friend, or business associate, and had to frantically
figure out/search for the affairs they handled. Furthermore, it is not unusual
in a husband and wife situation for one spouse to handle financial affairs
and the other to handle home, car, maintenance, etc., issues, thus leaving
the other spouse in an awful state. Creating a Critical Information Inventory
will position you and others to deal with such situations and you will “sleep
better at night” by having done so.

How long will it take to prepare my Critical Information Inventory? There is
no one answer to this question. Some personal and business affairs are
limited in scope and others are far more complex. Furthermore, some will
want to include information in very great detail and others will want to use a
more “broad brush” approach.  

Don’t wait any longer to attend to this important matter! You, your loved ones,
your business associates, will be glad you did.

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Critical Information Inventory